Terl Bryant - Compilation

by Terl Bryant - grooves and reflections

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released December 15, 2010

Produced by Terl Bryant
Executive producers Terl Bryant, James Sanderson, Les Moir

Recorded and mixed in various locations; London, Derby, Sussex, Ipswich, Mumbai and N.Ireland by Terl Bryant, Neil Costello, Nigel Palmer, Richard 'Dickie' Chappell, Bruce Pont, Paul Twelftree and Richard Lacy.

Cover photos Andy Henderson

Much thanks to all who were involved in the making of these recordings.

With contributions by: Jules Bryant (vocals), Jerry Brown (drums), Richard Lacy (keys, engineering), Neil Costello (engineering), Joanne Hogg (vocals), Dave Bainbridge (guitar/keys), Mike Haughton (saxophone), Matt Weeks (bass), Tim Oliver (keys), Tim Harries (bass), Simon Edwards (percussion), Gerald Hayward (drums), Richard 'Dickie' Chappell (mix), Stuart Garrard (guitar/vocals), Jon Large (basx,keys), Bruce Pont (engineering), Nigel Palmer (mix), Troy Donockley (uilleann pipes/whistles), Paul Twelftree (remix Asaph), Phil Crabbe (drums), Raul D'Oliveira (flugel/trumpet), Phil Barker (bass), Noel Robinson (guitars), Tim Hain (guitars), Marianne D'Cruz (vocals), Benny Prasad (percussion), Mark Edwards (keys), Harry 'Hands' Morgan (percussion), Terl Bryant (keys/drums/percussion).



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Terl Bryant - grooves and reflections UK

Alongside a life of working as a freelance drummer and percussionist I have had fun writing and producing some of my own music. These are grooves and reflections.

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Track Name: Her Heart
Her Heart
Words & Music Juliet Bryant

There is an empty place
Where her heart should be
It would be filled with pain
If she could feel
There is an empty place
Where her heart should be
She doesn’t know that place
Should be her heart

Hands clasped tight
Around the stone of her heart

But will she turn her hand
And let her fingers loose
Surprise herself
As stone begins to breathe
Dare she have a hope
That she can still be loved
Hair blows back as
Doves fly past her face

Would she let your touch
Ignite her stony heart?
And fan the flames
To warm this empty child
And let you take a brush
To paint the colours back
A rainbow stroke of
Fire behind her eyes

If only she’d let go………….
Track Name: My Blue Heaven
My Blue Heaven

What secrets do you hold
As I fall into the blue of you

Falling backwards into the waves
They close around me
Pull me down to the heart of the sea
To the heart of you

Looking up as I slowly sink
Clouds above me
Going deeper into this bliss
Becoming part of you

Breathing beneath and happy to rest
My blue heaven
I see the storm and the cold, wild waves
But way above me
Track Name: Winds Of Change
Winds Of Change

Open sea
Is this where I want to be?
Still and silent
Watching for a sign
Yearning for the winds of change

Waiting, waiting
Waiting, waiting,
Waiting for the wind to fill the sails
Racing through the sea to catch my dreams

Raise the sail
Looking up I’ll never fail
Wind is breathing
Speaking to my heart
Setting the right course for me

Moving on
Arms outstretched for gifts to come
And I’m hoping
Blown upon the wind
Carried to the places in my heart
Track Name: My Song Is Love Unknown
My song is love unknown,
My Savior’s love to me;
Love to the loveless shown,
That they might lovely be.
O who am I, that for my sake
My Lord should take, frail flesh and die?

In life, no house, no home
My Lord on earth might have;
In death no friendly tomb
But what a stranger gave.
What may I say? Heaven was His home,
But mine the tomb wherein He lay.

Here might I stay and sing,
No story so divine,
Never was love, dear King,
Never was grief like thine.
This is my friend, in whose sweet praise
I all my days could gladly spend.
Track Name: Hold My Hand
Hold My Hand
Words & Music – Jules Bryant

Please hold my hand
Don’t let me go
I’ll carefully tread
But I can’t do it on my own

Stay near me
Help me through
Hold my hand
I’ll follow you

I need you with me
One step at a time
I can’t see past you
Need your strong hand in mine

You lead the way
I’m close behind
Arms around you
But my eyes are closed tight

And when the world has gone away
I know you’ll stay